Draw Nearer To The Cross

Draw Nearer To The Cross

Many of you wandering for a fulfilling void. You question Lord… Lord why me? Why is everything drifting away? I’m lonely.

The spirit of God told me: ‘You are at a good place. Don’t drift away. Don’t lose hope. Don’t lose faith. Stay near me my child. All you have lost was for my purpose, my gain, and my will for your life. You see my child, I gave you a choice to take up your cross and follow me (Matthew 16:24) as I requested to my 12 Disciples. They left all that had own and knew to follow me. I didn’t tell them the events they would experience ahead of the journey because they would’ve fled with fear. Likewise with you, I heard your prayers but did not answer but constantly gave you courage, hope, and strength instead because if I was to show you the challenges, the struggles, the trials, and the test you would face you wouldn’t of followed me my beloved child.

To follow me is a cost but it’s worth the suffering. Let not your heart be trouble. Don’t be attached or lust after the things of this world but be ye transformed with the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2). Everything here is meaningless but what I have for you is endless. I’ve gone to prepare a place for you in Heaven, you will no longer walk on dirt or rock but on pure streets of gold, you will enter the gates made out of pearls, tears, sorrow, depression, darkness, loneliness, death, and fear will be no more! My child… You’re so close to your blessing. Trust my guidance! Draw nearer to me! Take up your cross and follow me! Remember, I am with you till the very end!

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  1. I needed this this morning ;) thank you Jesus I accepted this prayer with my whole heart!


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